Grief and Death in Clinical Practice

CLI GE551 - Grief and Death in Clinical Practice

Credits: 2

This course provides a broad theoretical and clinical overview of the manifestations of grief and death in clinical practice with clients across the lifespan, with a strong focus on understanding cultural meanings, contexts, and cultivation of cultural humility. The majority of the course will focus on theories of grief and its treatment from multiple frameworks, e.g., attachment theory, family/systems theory, psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, and narrative therapies. The course will also explore bioethics, systems of care, caregiving, and psychotherapy with dying clients of all ages. Finally, the course will help students understand and apply theory  to better navigate other places where grief and death arrive in clinical practice, e.g., life-threatening illness of clients, our own health and illness as clinicians, individual and societal traumas, and suicidality.