Curriculum and Schedule

Curriculum Map

Executive Coaching Graduate Certificate Core Courses
ORG CP600 - Institution, Program, and Distance Learning Orientation (credits: 0)
ORG EC500 - Executive Coaching; Principles, Theory and Practice (credits: 3)
ORG EC565 - Executive Coaching Skills and Techniques (credits: 3)
ORG EC525 - Assessment in Executive Coaching (credits: 3)
ORG EC561 - Practice Seminar in Executive Coaching (credits: 2)
ORG EC571 - Executive Coaching Practicum (credits: 4)

Class Schedule

We are now accepting applications for Fall 2023. Our course schedule will be posted as soon as it is available.

All courses are required and listed in order of their start dates. Weekends-in-residence (WIR) are always held from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM unless otherwise noted. WIR snow/make up dates to be determined.

Practicum: Supervised Coaching Engagement

The Coaching Practicum is a unique and valuable component of our Graduate Certificate in Excecutive Coaching program. You will be supervised by a Master Coach who will support and advise you through the practicum experience. Your client will be a leader from a non-profit organization. 

This is a 3.5 month coaching engagement; most coaches meet with their clients 7 to 9 times throughout the engagement. During the practicum experience, you will have the opportunity to practice all the components of a coaching engagement, from contracting through assessment to development planning, and implementation. The practicum also includes a class, where you will present your coaching case to your cohort using a method for peer supervision.

Orientation for Fall 2023

Orientation for the August 2023 entering cohort will be on Friday, August 25. Classes will start August 28, 2023.