Advanced Behavioral Techniques with Children and Families

SCH BX710 - Advanced Behavioral Techniques with Children and Families

Credits: 3

This course is designed to teach advanced behavioral assessment and intervention techniques for use with children and families impacted by major mental health concerns and behavioral impairments. The focus of the course will be to prepare students to have a broad understanding of evidence-based and effective behavioral and cognitive-behavioral options when faced with youth exhibiting highly challenging, self-destructive, explosive, and detrimental behavioral patterns. Family and systems theory concerns will also be explored in the context of needs and challenges related to enhancing effectiveness of interventions with children impacted by abuse, neglect, substance abuse and/or chaotic systemic involvement. In addition to theory and skills related to advanced behavioral techniques, this course will focus on (1) enhancing one’s ability to reflect on changing data and response to intervention and (2) examining impediments to clinician creativity, flexibility and self-introspection that detract from desired behavioral outcomes.

Open only to students in the doctoral program in School Psychology. Pre-requisites: BC 521, CLI BX 500 or equivalent coursework in learning theory and behavioral interventions.