The Experience of Latinos in the United States I

SCH CC550 - The Experience of Latinos in the United States I

Credits: 1

This course focuses on the experience of Hispanics/Latinos living in the country with the 5th largest Spanish-speaking population—the United States. A particular emphasis is placed on the unique interplay of social factors that are essential to understand Latinos in the United States such as: the migration experience, culture of origin, U.S. mainstream society and its values, educational and socioeconomic characteristics, rural versus urban origin, assigned ethnic minority status, prejudice and discrimination, legal status and U.S. migration politics. It will give students who participated in the first summer immersion program an opportunity to process their experience and continue working on their conversational skills in Spanish. Cross listed as CLI CC550, COU CC550, SCH CC550. Pre-requisite: CC549 and permission of the instructor.