Advanced Consultation in Schools

SCH CO780 - Advanced Consultation in Schools

Credits: 3

Course Description: In this course, students develop advanced knowledge and skills in consultee-centered consultation and systems/organizational consultation. Students will learn about the Instructional Consultation (IC) model in working with teachers on academic or behavioral concerns. Students will engage in consultation in their work settings and/or practicum sites. Participation in feedback sessions will deepen organizational consultation skills. Open only to students in the School Psychology PsyD Program, or by permission of instructor.

Course Goal: Students will demonstrate competency in systems-change efforts by providing consultation on an organizational concern. Students will deepen their consultation practice by using reflective consultation practices and engaging in supervision around their consultation cases. Finally, students will deepen their awareness of the research base on consultee-centered consultation, including culturally responsive consultation practice.

Course Objectives:

Articulate a conceptual understanding of the values and goals of consultee-centered consultation models.

Articulate a conceptual understanding of the research base on consultee-centered consultation.

Articulate a conceptual understanding of culturally responsive consultation practice at all levels of an organizational system.

Demonstrate competency in interpersonal skills including respect for others, and effective reflective and collaborative communication skills within a consultation relationship.

Demonstrate understanding and application of systems process models for organizational consultation.

Demonstrate successful application of problem identification, data gathering and analysis, intervention and evaluation design in systems-level consultation.

Demonstrate reflective practice skills in consultation.

Develop the professional capacity to be receptive to, and make optimal use of, supervision and feedback from others.