Academic Intervention

SCH IA774 - Academic Intervention

Credits: 2

This course will examine major research models and components connected with reading and language arts. Current research and trends, research-based models, and controversies will be explored. Promising practices in the field, particularly related to students with disabilities and English language learners will be highlighted. Students will also consider reading and language arts interventions that have successfully closed the achievement gap. Students will solidify their understanding of phonemic awareness, phonics and the importance of their role in developing competent readers. Other areas that will be defined include: comprehension strategies, fluency, vocabulary, background knowledge, writing, and literacy across the curriculum. Students will have the opportunity to observe, assess and plan and implement reading and language arts interventions. Cross-cultural perspectives will provide a context for understanding and addressing comprehension challenges for struggling readers and writers. The focus of the course will be to problem-solve, anticipate, prevent, plan, and implement appropriate reading and language arts interventions that are maintained or changed based upon assessment data. Students will build their toolbox of strategies, and become more fluent in creating and analyzing appropriate approach/es for an individual or a group of students. Students will have the opportunity to practice consultation in designing interventions. Prerequisite: IA 520 or permission of instructor.