Advanced Psychoeducational Assessment

SCH PA700 - Advanced Psychoeducational Assessment

Credits: 2

This course applies evidence-based theory and practice to the development of advanced skills in psychoeducational assessment of individual children and adolescents. Students will expand their understanding of relevant psychometric, educational and neuropsychological concepts, expand their repertoire of assessment tools, and develop skills in integrating assessment data and formulating theme-based reports. Emphasis is placed on relevance of assessment of findings for instructional intervention, specifically in the areas of early literacy and reading, written language, and math skills. This course also addresses recent advances and ongoing issues in psychoeducational assessment, including response to intervention (RTI) assessment models, assessing children with learning disabilities and ADHD, use of curriculum based measurement, and assessment of culturally and linguistically diverse children and adolescents. Cross listed as SCH PA700. Pre-requisite: SCH PA500; and permission of the instructor.