Advanced Social

SCH PA725 - Advanced Social-Emotional Assessment: Children and Adolescents

Credits: 2

This course covers the use of social-emotional measures with children and adolescents with a focus on the application of this type of assessment in schools. Several conceptual topics will be considered, including DSM-IV diagnosis, psychometric properties, the projective hypothesis, strength-based reporting, integrating findings, and providing useful feedback, both written and oral. Numerous specific procedures will be reviewed, including self-report measures (e.g., MMPI-A, PIY), rating scales (BASC, ASEBA, Conners), projective techniques (Roberts-2, Sentence Completion), interview, and behavioral assessment. Some conditions will receive special focus, including mood disorders, autism spectrum disorders, and ADHD. Cultural concerns will be considered throughout the course. The course will culminate with a module on useful report-writing. Cross listed as SCH PA725. Pre-requisite: CLI PA520, CLI PM601, SCH PA600 or equivalent with permission of the instructor.