Doctoral Project I: Advanced Research Methods

SCH PR828 - Doctoral Project I: Advanced Research Methods

Credits: 3

This is the first of a three-course sequence that helps the doctoral candidate plan and conduct their doctoral project (DP).  Expanding on research methods learned in previous courses, in this course students review and enhance their understanding of commonly used applied research designs, internal and external validity, program evaluation, qualitative methods, survey research, single-subject design, and proper choice of statistical analysis for various designs. The course also promotes further understanding of evidence-based practice and the interplay between social/disciplinary relevance and study feasibility. In addition, students familiarize themselves with the DP process by reading and demonstrating knowledge of the DP Manual. Students also complete an on-line training program, the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI), to ensure that they fully understand the ethical responsibilities associated with human subjects research. Incorporating their knowledge of research design and methodology, students propose and discuss topics of interest that may evolve into their doctoral projects. Open only to School Psychology PsyD students with advisor approval.