Professional Practice and Research Seminar 1

SCH PS551 - Professional Practice and Research Seminar 1

Credits: 2

This is the first in a three-course sequence designed to prepare students for the professional work commonly engaged in by Applied Behavior Analysts.  This course will focus on writing activities across a variety of contexts.  The overall emphasis will be on writing for understanding, with conceptual consistency, and when appropriate, technical precision.  Activities will include writing activities that are commonly required for Applied Behavior Analysts, including, for example, writing assessment reports, treatment rationale, behavioral goals, procedural descriptions, and the results of interventions.  Students will follow structured writing guidelines such as those found in the most recent edition of the APA-style handbook.  Students will also review the steps to and benefits of pursuing publication.  Finally, students will review behavior analytic content outside of autism intervention as the context for some of the writing activities that are emphasized in this class.