Professional Practice and Research Seminar 3

SCH PS553 - Professional Practice and Research Seminar 3

Credits: 2

This is the third in a three-course sequence designed to prepare students for the professional work commonly engaged in by Applied Behavior Analysts.  This course will focus on the professional practice of behavior analysis within different systems, such as in educational and health-care settings. Students will learn the basic administrative requirements for practicing as a behavior-analyst while balancing regulatory and organizational demands with clinical best practices and research.  Topics will include, for example, contracting and funding with payors, developing administrative policies and procedures for effective service delivery, client responsibility and employee responsibility, leadership in the workplace and collaboration among professionals, record keeping and maintenance of client’s records and client confidentiality as defined by HIPAA and FERPA regulation.  Finally, students will review required, recommended, and ethical practices in organizational management and treatment in such documents as the BACB 5th Edition Task List, the BACB’s Professional and Ethical Compliance Code for Behavior Analysts, and the BACB’s Autism Spectrum Treatment Guidelines.