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Women Veterans, the Unsung Warriors and Heroes of the Military

Women Veterans, the Unsung Warriors and Heroes of the Military

Faculty Viewpoint by Jenny D'Olympia: Think of a veteran. Whom do you see? Maybe you think of a relative, or a friend, or someone you have seen in a movie or on the news. It’s not likely that the first image that comes to mind is of a woman.

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Happy Black History Month

Since 1915, a month of every year has been dedicated to educating the country about the significant contributions of African American people to the United States. For forty years, following the leadership of Gerald Ford, American presidents have dedicated the month of February so that all of us might...

Faculty Spotlight: Couples and Family Therapist

Jacqueline Gagliardi’s interest in psychology began at a very young age. She was curious about why people chose to behave in the ways they did; why some relationships were successful and why others appeared to fail.

Student Spotlight: Why William James College

Clinical Psychology Student Spotlight

2016 Gala Honors Pemberton

This year’s gala features Steve Pemberton, who in every aspect of his life — diversity executive, author, father and a voice for the forgotten — offers inspiration to others, emphasizing that from tragedy can come extraordinary accomplishment.

Veteran Student Spotlight: Adam Freed

Prior to coming to William James College, and even considering a career in psychology, I went to Bennington College with the aspiration of being a visual


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