About Student Leadership and Organizations

The Dean of Students’ Office works with Student Leadership and the student organizations at William James to enrich the college’s community. Through collaboration and support we continue to grow connections in our community. Our office is more than happy to assist students interested in starting a new organization. On this page you can find a list of this year’s registered student groups. As well, below are resources to assist groups in having a successful year, and information on how to start a new organization.

Student Leadership

Meet your Leading Excellence Across Departments (LEAD) Team! The four student leaders meet monthly with the Dean of Students Office team and the Vice President for Academic Affairs to discuss nonacademic related issues, academic issues that are relevant to all students, and anything else pertinent to student life. The student leaders are here as a resource to you, and to hear any of your feedback. Please feel free to contact them.

Brianna Duval- Clinical PsyD

My name is Brianna Duval, and I am a 2nd-year Clinical PsyD student at WJC. I moved from Washington state to Boston to pursue a career in Clinical Psychology and be a part of the WJC community. I am deeply committed to optimizing our graduate school experience and recognize that the most powerful impacts are made when we work together as one. I joined the ACES committee in the fall of 2018 to contribute to the collective student voice and implement change on campus. As the LEAD representative for the 2019-2020 academic year, I am dedicated to being an effective liaison between the clinical psychology student body, faculty, and administration. I hope to collaborate with my fellow student to enhance the experience for current and future WJC students. I encourage you to email me with any questions, concerns, or ideas you may have.

Email: brianna_duval@williamjames.edu

Lisa Saunders - Counseling and Behavioral Health

Lisa SaundersMy name is Lisa Saunders, and I am currently in my 2nd year in the counseling program here at William James College. I am in the couples and family concentration with an emphasis on Global mental health.  I am a full-time student, motivated by my love of learning and drive to be a successful clinician within the community. In addition to this, I have over twelve years’ professional experience in the field of human services; nearly five and a half of those years have been in supervisory roles, directly supporting and mentoring both professional and paraprofessional staff with diverse backgrounds. Additionally, I have also worked in residential settings with clients experiencing significant mental health and trauma histories, requiring me to provide dialectical behavioral therapy and nonviolent crisis prevention intervention, all while developing healthy therapeutic rapports with in-house clients. Having worked as both a leader and a follower, I am excited to join the ACES team as a LEAD and serve as a student representative for my cohort. Please feel free to contact me for any questions or concerns as I am here as a resource to support you here at WJC.

Email: lisa_saunders@williamjames.edu

Rosilyn Sanders - Organizational Psychology

Rosilyn SandersI received my Bachelor of Arts degree from Philander Smith College in Little Rock, Arkansas and my Master of Arts degree in Counseling with an emphasis in Rehabilitation and Disability from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. I have a ten-year professional background in program development for non-profit agencies representing the underserved population. In 2012, I created and spearheaded a vocational program utilizing grant funds from the Department of Housing and Urban Development to employ the underserved population; allowing residents to receive certification as a licensed nursing assistant by collaborating with a local medical staffing agency. Also, I launched a summer and after-school literacy program for displaced youth. I am certified in job coaching for people with disabilities; trained in conflict resolution, motivational interviewing and case management, and documentation. I demonstrate an exceptional ability to introduce competitive employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities through training and development, consulting, marketing; to improve retention rates, increase efficiency and promote growth and opportunity. Currently, I am pursuing a Doctor of Psychology in Organizational Leadership at William James College. In addition to being a member of the Black Mental Health Academy and  Center for Multicultural and Global Mental Health (CMGMH) Scholar, I serve as representative for the Organizational Leadership Program bringing awareness to individuals with disabilities globally within corporate America.  I am also very active in Division APA 13 Society of Consulting Psychology.

Email: rosilyn_sanders@williamjames.edu

Curtis Chambers - Psychology and Human Services

Curtis ChambersCurtis was born and spent most of his adolescence in Boston. A portion of his youth was also spent in San Diego where he was able to see and experience a different way of life amid the West Coast culture. It was these two experiences that allowed him to see the disparity between certain groups of people on the socioeconomic ladder. Curtis’ staunch belief is that certain rights and aspects of life should be enjoyed by all - not just some. Social justice was soon meshed with human services and his lifelong passion for entrepreneurship which resulted in him becoming a Certified Financial Health Counselor. Coupling that with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Human Services will allow Curtis to continue to expand his service to  the community that is near and dear to him. He conducts seminars and workshops on personal finance and wellness, teaches high school entrepreneurship and financial literacy, and specializes in credit rehabilitation.

Email: curtis_chambers@williamjames.edu

Paige Laich - School Psychology

Paige LaichMy name is Paige Laich and I am from Chelmsford, MA. This is my second year of the MA/CAGS Program in School Psychology. The opportunity for experiential education brought me to William James College. My practicum experience last year was at an elementary school where I worked with children at risk for school adjustment difficulties. This year, I am excited to gain experience at a middle school. Outside of school, I enjoy playing with my two ferrets and baking. In addition to representing the School Psychology department as a member of the LEAD team, I will be a Student Leader for the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP). William James College has been a wonderful experience for me and I look forward to helping our community this year in both of these roles!

Email: paige_laich@williamjames.edu

Student Organizations

William James College offers a number of student-led organizations. Organizations are open to all students.

African Latino Asian Native and Arab American - ALANAA

Sohenga Depestre: sohenga_depestre@williamjames.edu
Kristine Hernandez: kristine_hernandez@williamjames.edu

ALANAA stands for African American, Latino, Asian American/Pacific Islander, Native American/Native Alaskan, and Arab American. The ALANAA group is derived from AHANA which was originally started at Boston College in 1979. We took the idea behind AHANA and adjusted it to be more inclusive (and add a little more flavor!) ALANAA is dedicated to celebrating the existing diversity at WJC, promoting greater diversity within the student body, and fostering connections between students whose interests include diversity, multiculturalism, and social justice. This group is OUR group. Everyone is welcome to join. Our goal is to bring together the students of color at WJC and those who want to celebrate diversity within WJC. Although this group is a promoting agent for academic and research affairs, we hope to use it as a medium for social networking (and fun!).

Asian Student Group

Sonia Patel: sonia_patel@williamjames.edu
Lan Ho lan_ho@williamjames.edu 

Our group aims to create a warm and supportive environment to connect Asian students, Asian American students and anyone interested in learning about Asian cultures at WJC. It is also an open space to share interests in working with the Asian population. 

Christian Fellowship Group

Carmaudely Galliotte: marie_galliotte@williamjames.edu
Tania Jimenez: tania_jimenez@williamjames.edu

The purpose of the Christian Fellowship group is to provide a warm, loving and supportive atmosphere where fellow Christian believers and individuals who may be interested in the Christian faith can come together to socialize, worship, pray, and encourage each other. 

Gero Volunteer Corps - GVC

Michelle B Jolson: michelle_jolson@williamjames.edu
Amy Overpeck: amy_overpeck@williamjames.edu

Our mission: to bring generations together. The members of the GVC help coordinate outreach programming with older adults in the local community. We seek to educate, learn, and create lasting connections with the individuals we meet. In the past, we have run a variety of events including panels, discussions, and social media educational seminars.

Mindfulness and Meditation Group

Ronald Benjamin: ronald_benjamin@williamjames.edu
Maria Peralta: maria_peralta@williamjames.edu

This group is for any student who is interested in mindfulness meditation, awakening consciousness, and inner empowerment. It provides a space to support the transformation of each member and guest through meditation, visualization, and positive affirmations, so that they can live in a higher state of consciousness.

Opioid Crisis and Advocacy

Heather Corazzini: heather_corazzini@williamjames.edu
Maegan Kenney: maegan_kenney@williamjames.edu 

The purpose of the Opioid Crisis & Advocacy student group is to provide the WJC community educational and advocacy opportunities about addiction and recovery by way of trainings, speaker events, film screenings, and volunteer/advocacy opportunities. This year, we are offering confidential peer support meetings to those in our community who are in recovery, questioning recovery, and/or those needing support as a loved one of someone struggling with substance use.

Our group is comprised of dedicated students who are passionate to raise awareness and provide compassionate care to those impacted by addiction. This group is open to all WJC community members who are interested in learning more about addiction and ways to end its devastation on the individuals and families we serve as well as receive personal support for related issues. Our support meetings are projected to meet monthly (depending on interest). Our primary student group event is the Shatterproof Rise Up Against Addiction 5k walk/race, which takes places every year during Recovery Month (September).

Rainbow Alliance

Tristan R. Barney: tara_barney@williamjames.edu
Daniel Moore: daniel_moore@williamjames.edu
Facebook: www.facebook.com/WJCRainbowAlliance
Scholarships & Resources for LGBTQIA+ Students: www.publicservicedegrees.org/financial-aid/lgbtqia-students-scholarships-resources/

The Rainbow Alliance at William James College is a group of students, faculty, and staff who want to provide support for one another, engage in LGBTQ advocacy/awareness, and plan events (for either purpose).

 Social Justice Student Coalition

Alexandra Adair: Alexandra_Adair@williamjames.edu
Marie Carmaudely L. Galliotte: marie_galliotte@williamjames.edu

The Social Justice Student Coalition (SJSC) at William James college aims to collaborate with and educate our communities on addressing disparities in the systems of those we serve from a mental health perspective. One of the primary visions of SJSC is to create a platform for WJC students who share in the same interest for social justice, to access community organizations and resources through which they can advocate for a particular social cause. In addition, SJSC will focus on building a bridge between the field and the community for the purpose of dissipating evidence-based knowledge that will serve to influence and instigate social changes.

SJSC Community Resources

Sports and Psychology

Victoria “Kenzie” Koch: victoria_koch@williamjames.edu
Michelle Jolson: michelle_jolson@williamjames.edu

Do you have an interest in Sports, Psychology, or Sports Psychology?  In this new student group, we hope to touch on all three areas:

  • create WJC team rosters for club sports
  • discuss clinical topics (i.e. performance enhancement techniques, recovering from injuries, visualization, and how to work with athletes in a clinical setting)
  • eview educational material on sports psychology and staying connected with the activities of the Association for Applied Sports Psychology


Student Parents and Caregivers

April Clayton: April_clayton@williamjames.edu
Aileen Peters: Aileen_Peters@williamjames.edu

Our group aims to provide support to student parents and caregivers. Students who are parenting (or caring for a loved one) during graduate school have unique challenges and needs. We hope to provide peer-support and access to family friendly events, study sessions, and speakers to ensure inclusivity and success for each individual in this non-traditional student group.

Trauma Awareness Group - TAG

Krystal Gottilla: krystal_gottilla@williamjames.edu 
Amanda DePhillips: amanda_dephillips@williamjames.edu 
The Trauma Awareness Group (TAG) at William James College aims to raise awareness on the prevalence of trauma and provide students with education regarding trauma informed care. Many individuals experience trauma, which can be a risk factor for a variety of symptoms and diagnoses. It is imperative to be informed on trauma reactions and treatment when working in the field of psychology. Overall, TAG will explore different forms of trauma and related clinical presentations, and introduce therapeutic interventions for use when working with this population.

William James Military Community

LaTashia Raymond, MHRM:  latashia_raymond@WilliamJames.edu
Jennifer Sobel: jennifer_sobel@williamjames.edu

The WJC Military Community (MC) is comprised of Veterans, Military-affiliated students, non Military-affiliated students, faculty, and staff. Its mission is to provide support, information and resources to students throughout the pursuit of graduate-level academic and clinical training. A healthy Military Community is an essential component of providing peer support and cultural competency to the larger social fabric of William James College. This will be accomplished by providing education pertaining to Military/Veteran related issues to the greater WJC community, as well as community service, and advocacy. Veterans, Service Members, and Military families (specifically spouses and children, as well as extended family members) have equal emphasis within the Military Community. Additionally, support does not end with the classroom - the WJC Military Community seeks to provide support for fellow students who face the realities of service in the modern era: deployment, transition to and from Military service, and reintegration.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education