Voter Registration

As part of the Higher Education Amendment of 1998, William James College must provide students with the opportunity to register to vote. The Dean of Students office will manage voter registration drives during significant state and federal election cycles. You may also obtain a voter registration form by accessing the following web addresses to request a mail-in voter registration form:

The Massachusetts form can only be used to register to vote in Massachusetts. The national form may be used to register in most other states. The web address above is for voter registration requests. You cannot register to vote via the internet. Your voter registration form will be sent to you in the mail. Upon receipt of the form, complete it and return it to your city or town hall. If you do not know the address of your town/city hall, that information may also be found on the site above. Remember, you will not be registered to vote until you return the completed voter registration form to your city or town hall. The local clerk will thereafter provide you with acknowledgement of your voter registration; if you do not receive an acknowledgement of your voter registration within a reasonable time, please check with your local clerk for more information.

If you have further questions a member of the Dean of Students office can assist you.

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