Health Insurance

Massachusetts State Law requires all students who are enrolled at post-secondary institutions at least three-quarter time to enroll in a qualified health insurance program. The law also requires all institutions to verify and document the participation status of all students prior to the start of each academic year.

If you will not be covered by a qualifying insurance plan by the start date of the fall semester, you are required by state law to purchase our-sponsored plan. Because this is a limited plan, you should explore all potential insurance options in order to comply with this state requirement.

If you are presently covered by a qualifying plan, you are required to provide, prior to the start of the fall semester, certain information regarding your current coverage and the identity of your insurance provider. Students who do not complete this step by the published due date will be automatically enrolled into the William James College-sponsored plan and will be billed for the annual premium.

Detailed information regarding our-sponsored plan and the waiver procedure is mailed to all newly admitted and current students prior to the start date of the fall semester.

For questions about health insurance, please contact the Office of Student Services at 617-327-6777 x1523.