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Celebration of Diversity Song, Poetry, Spoken Word and Dance at William James College

On January 31, 2017, the Dean of Students Office and the Center for Multicultural & Global Mental Health hosted a well-attended celebration of diversity through song, poetry, spoken word, and dance. The event was meant to kick-off Black History Month, reaffirm William James College's commitment to social justice, and to empower William James College community members' commitment to being agents of social change.

Expressive Arts Therapy, Guatemala 2016

"My name is Joselyn Rondón, and in 2015 I was an MA student in the Global Mental Health and the Latino Mental Health concentrations at William James College. I enrolled in the Multicultural and Trauma-Sensitive Expressive Arts Therapy (COU ET670) course for the Spring of 2015.

One of the course goals was to learn, firsthand, how mental health educational programs can collaborate cross-nationally to engage communities through the use of culturally sensitive Expressive Arts Therapy. Two William James College professors and one Justice Resource Institute partner led the class of ten William James College students from Expressive Arts Therapy, Global Mental Health, and Clinical Psychology, and two JRI clinicians. Before leaving to Guatemala, we discussed self-care concepts and practices. Through readings and class conversations we also learned about the history of Guatemala. Of particular focus were social issues and the impact of Guatemala's civil war, including intergenerational trauma.

Once we arrived in Guatemala, we joined a group of local clinicians from Universidad del Valle's psychology department. We traveled to the Guatemalan Highlands and worked with multiple groups of people for ten days. We had numerous opportunities to immerse into the culture, language, and interacted with different ethnic groups, including with people representing diverse Mayan groups. This video, narrated by me, is a reflection piece of my experience, which my husband helped produce."

Conversations with William James College Podcast Series

Episode 12: Boys of Color

Boys of color in the United States are disproportionately subjected to entrenched sociocultural stressors shaped by historical marginalization. Unfortunately, too frequently the brilliance, creativity, and strengths of boys of color have been unrecognized by our educational, justice, and behavioral health care systems. Therefore, on May 20, 2017 William James College will host a conference entitled Re-Envisioning the Brilliance of Boys of Color: Inspiring Professionals Dedicated to Empowering the Social-Emotional and Academic Development of Our Youth, offering opportunities for professionals within our educational, justice, and behavioral health care systems to be inspired and encouraged to celebrate the contributions of boys of color. We were privileged to have as one of our guests, a keynote speaker for the conference, the Honorable Judge Leslie E. Harris, who is a retired Associate Justice of the Suffolk Juvenile Court as well as Dr. Natalie Cort, Assistant Professor at William James College and Director of our Black Mental Health Initiative & Graduate Academy, and student Kwame Dance, one of our Black Mental Health Academy scholars.

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