Practicum I: School Environment and Educational Assessment

SCH FP501 - Practicum I: School Environment and Educational Assessment

Credits: 2

This seminar supports and complements the 10 hour/week first year practicum, a field experience designed to orient the student to the general school environment and to provide opportunity to apply skills introduced in the Instructional Assessment and Intervention and Educating Children and Adolescents with Special Needs courses. Students receive training in the implementation of Primary Project interventions. Assignments and class discussion help students understand the field of school psychology and how it is practiced on a daily basis. Assignments orient the student to school culture and operations, the classroom environment, instructional practices, and types of special classrooms and programs. The course also provides opportunities for practicing skills in administration and scoring of curriculum-based measures and nationally normed educational achievement tests. Opportunities to practice initial counseling skills are provided. Students begin to plan and compile their portfolios as a means of demonstrating competence and organizing work products and information sources. Open only to students in the MA/CAGS program in School Psychology.