Practicum II: Pscyhoeducational Assessment and Intervention

SCH FP502 - Practicum II: Pscyhoeducational Assessment and Intervention

Credits: 3

This seminar provides instructional and supervisory support for the 10 hour/week first year practicum, which enables the student to apply knowledge and skills introduced in concurrent courses, namely (1) Psycho-educational Assessment, (2) Behavioral Assessment, Consultation, and Collaboration, and (3) Research Methods and Evaluation. The seminar provides the forum to reflect on specific situations that occur in field work, and to address practice issues of general interest. Development of the professional self (e.g., attitudes, habits, ethics, relational behaviors) is an ongoing theme and goal. The Practicum seminar provides opportunities to develop psycho-educational assessment skills and demonstrate requisite proficiency. Supervised training experience in preventive mental health as a Primary Project child associate is incorporated into this practicum. Pre-requisite: FP501.