Dr. Stan Berman Retires From Vice President of Academic Affairs Role

Dr. Stan Berman Retires From Vice President of Academic Affairs Role

Dr. Stan Berman, center, shown here with his family, is retiring from his role as vice president of academic affairs.

Dr. Stanley Berman, or Stan to the many who know and admire him, has been an inspiring teacher and mentor to students, alumni and colleagues throughout his 32 years at William James College. He recently announced his intention to retire from his role as Vice President of Academic Affairs, after six years of service in the position.

Throughout his time at William James College, Berman has taught in the clinical psychology department, including leading two seminars while in his administrative role, served as the dean of Programs of Advanced Graduate Studies for nine years and helped develop the Global Mental Health concentration.

Dr. Jill Bloom, director of the global mental health concentration and co-director of the Center for Multicultural and Global Mental Health, began teaching at William James College in 1987 alongside Berman. “Over these many years, our shared interests in social justice and activism have been a constant. I am forever grateful to him for his support…in developing the Global Mental Health Master’s program, that today has grown into the institution wide Global Mental Health Concentration that I direct,” she said. “It has been a pleasure to share Stan’s emerging interest and commitment to Global Mental Health.”

Berman has taught and inspired many students throughout his career, helping them achieve their goals and training them to be successful psychologists and advocates for mental health. Dr. Nancy Gaulin, PsyD, MBA, graduated from William James College’s clinical PsyD program in 2006. She, alongside Berman’s late wife, Harriett, and four other woman in the mental health field, co-founded Facing Cancer Together, an organization that provides support groups for people with cancer and their families, as well as providing field placement training for clinical psychology doctoral students at William James College.

Gaulin, who currently serves at the director of Facing Cancer Together, explained, “I first met Stan when I was making a decision about changing a career at midlife. Stan was absolutely instrumental in not only solidifying my decision to change careers, but also in my decision to choose [William James College].” She added, “When I think about Stan, he is just a model of the ethics and values of a clinical psychologist with his ability to teach, supervise and lead. I have always been able to rely on Stan to be insightful, caring, compassionate, smart and he’s just always been there.”

Outside of his work at William James College, Berman has had an influential career, with interests in health psychology, pediatric health psychology, global mental health and refugee trauma and child and adolescent psychotherapy. He has worked in public school systems in Massachusetts; with the Jimmy Fund Clinic of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute; and as a faculty member at Antioch College; the Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma at Harvard University; and at Wellesley College.

Dr. Gagan “Mia” Khera, recently promoted to full professor and named Advisor of the Year at Curry College, was one of Berman’s students at Wellesley College. “I remember the classroom, vividly, and can even picture him in front of the room,” she said. “I remember thinking, I am going to do this someday. I am going to be a psychologist and be a professor.”

Berman mentored Khera and gave her advice about how to become a psychologist. “When I applied to Teach For America, wrote a letter of support for me,” she said. “What an inspiring career he has had, I imagine so many more students sit in his classes determined to help others.”

Today, Berman continues to work with, teach and mentor students. Denice Cronin, current clinical PsyD student at William James College, has served as a member of Berman’s team as Program Development and Research Associate for the past three years.

“Stan consistently demonstrated his dedication to the students, staff, and overarching mission of William James College,” said Cronin. “Stan is warm, authentic, and compassionate, which often allowed me forget that I was working for a senior administrator at the college. He is humble, approachable, and regularly elicited my feedback and understanding of the student perspective.”

She added, “Stan has always been invested in my personal and professional growth, while being curious about my life outside of our work and emphasizing the importance of a work-life balance. He has supported me in developing many competencies that will undoubtedly stand to me throughout my career and his mentorship and guidance have been integral to my experience at William James College.”

Although Dr. Berman is retiring from his VPAA position, he will continue to hold a role on the faculty.

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