Aging Wisely... Wisdom of Our Elders

Aging Wisely, Wisdom of Our Elders

Aging Wisely, Wisdom of Our Elders

Irving I. Silverman and his daughter Ellen Beth Siegel, PsyD, William James alumna, have published a compendium of essays by a group of 75 seniors and professionals on topics about how we age. William James College contributors include:

  • Ellen Beth Siegel, PsyD, alumna, Stroke; When Social Security is Not Enough; Coping with Terminal Illness; Death with Dignity
  • Stephanie Batista, MA, student, Health Changes in Older Age
  • Ricardo Bianco, PsyD, alumnus and faculty, Aging and Spirituality
  • Nicholas Covino, PsyD, president, Developing the Skill of Optimism
  • Rachael Falk, MA, student, Religion as a Resource for Comfort in Bereavement
  • Jason Holland, PhD, former faculty, Finding Meaning in the Face of Life Difficulties; A Meditation on Death and Aging; and Leaving Nothing Unfinished in Life and Death
  • Roberta Horn, PsyD, alumna, Living Well on a Fixed Income; and Living fully to the End of Life: The Hospice Choice
  • Stanley Rosenzweig, PhD*, trustee emeritus, Heal Yourself, Heal the World
  • Erlene Rosowsky, PsyD, alumna and faculty, Aging Easier
  • Jenny Yen, MA, PsyD, alumna, Intergenerational Dialogue
  • Aladdin Ossorio, PsyD, alumnus and director, SageMind, Brain Health: Twenty-First Century Science on Sustaining Memory and Thinking as We Age


“Ellen and her father have created an evocative and useful book on successful aging. It offers advice that ranges from expecting and coping with loss to preparing a memorial. There are a number of beautifully open essays about painful and complicated losses and life events that provide food for reflective thought.” —Dr. Nicholas Covino


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