Conversations, Special Edition 2: Thanksgiving Conversations

Conversations, Special Edition 2: Thanksgiving Conversations

President Covino with Arlene Silva, Bruce Ecker and Jacqueline Gagliardi on creating constructive Thanksgiving dinner conversations about the recent election.

In this special edition of Conversations with William James College, Nick sits down with Arlene Silva, the Chair of our School Psychology Department; Bruce Ecker, Director of our Children and Families of Adversity and Resilience Concentration and Jacqueline Gagliardi, who directs our Couples and Family Therapy Area of Emphasis, to explore the conversations that many Americans will be having this year during what for most is a cherished holiday celebration—Thanksgiving.

Our hope is to help all of us to communicate with each other and our children in a constructive not destructive manner about the recent election, which I think we can all agree sent shockwaves around the world—regardless of who you voted for. As you sit down for Thanksgiving dinner with your family and friends, and before you carve the turkey, we’d like to provide you, our podcast listeners, with some dinnertime conversation tips.


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