5 Signs You’re Ready to Go Back to School

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Have you been thinking about going back to school? Maybe you have some bachelor’s credits and want to finish your degree. Or maybe you are looking into an advanced degree or graduate certificate to enhance your education and expand your skills. Whatever the reason, you might be wondering if now is the right time to take this next step. Our admissions team put together a list of top five signs you’re ready to go back to school.

1. People say you are a great listener and you’ve always thought about pursuing a career in psychology.

Has earning your degree or going back to school always been on your bucket list? We know that life and responsibilities can sometimes get in the way of achieving your academic and career goals, but now might be the right time to focus on you. If you often find yourself wondering about going back to school, start researching programs now. There may never be the perfect time to enroll in a program, but there are many program options to fit your lifestyle and help you achieve your dream career.

2. You’re excited to learn.

Do you love learning? Are you excited about the idea of diving deeper into the field and working with faculty experts? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you have a great mindset to get the most out of your academic experience now.

Research curriculum, faculty, concentration options, and other learning opportunities to get a full picture of what your program will be like. See what courses and topics excite you and where you would like to learn more. Finding a program that you’re excited about will help you follow your passions while also preparing you for a rewarding career.

3. You feel like you were meant to do something more or different in your career.

There are many reasons you might be feeling unfulfilled at your job. Maybe you have reached the highest position possible with your current education or skill level. Maybe you need a specific licensure to advance. Maybe you want to pursue a career in a completely different field. Or maybe you have a passion for helping people, but have no idea how to turn that into a career. If any of these sound like you, now might be the perfect time to consider going back to school.

Advancing in your education and refining your skills will not only help you feel more fulfilled in your career, but it can also qualify you for higher-level and higher-paying jobs. The perfect career is out there for you! Start by researching qualifications and requirements for the career path you want, then find the best academic program that can help you achieve your dream.

4. You want to put in the time and dedication to succeed.

Going back to school is a great investment in your future, but also a big commitment. Before enrolling, research the program and the institution to get a sense of what life will be like as a student. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and set yourself up for success.

Research delivery options for your program to find the best format to fit your lifestyle—many programs offer part-time, online, or hybrid options to give you greater flexibility. Look into what support exists at your institution. For example, William James has an Academic Resource Center, an Education Technology Office, Career Services, and a Field Education Team to provide support and resources throughout all aspects of your education. And make sure to talk to the Admissions and Financial Aid Offices to find out what scholarships or other funding opportunities are available to you.

You can do this! While you might need to adjust to a new schedule with classes and homework, you won’t be left alone at any step of the way. Your hard work will pay off when you earn your degree or certificate.

5. There’s no reason not to!

You’ve done your research and found a program you love. So, what’s holding you back? As long as you are ready to be an engaged member of the learning community and are not afraid to ask for help when needed, you can be successful in any academic program! You will bring your unique skills and experiences to the College and to a field that needs diverse and passionate professionals.


If you think William James College might be the right place for you, don’t wait to explore our degrees and certificates using our Program Finder or reach out to our admissions office directly at info@williamjames.edu. We also invite you to connect with our student ambassadors at any time to hear about our programs first-hand.


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