Gathering for Growth: On-Campus Residency for the Leadership Psychology Program

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Our PsyD in Leadership Psychology program is designed for the working professional and attracts students from across the country. These students impact many different industries and collectively help influence nearly every aspect of how an organization runs. While students learn online for most of their time in the program, three times a year they come together for a rich four-day on-campus residency.

Residency covers a number of essential competencies important to the field of organizational leadership including research, professional development, DEI, and wellness. Students not only learn from the faculty they are familiar with but are also encouraged to share their own experience and expertise by teaching workshops of their own.

Whether students attend a workshop on the importance of supporting and retaining neurodiverse employees, receive feedback on how to promote their personal brand, or join classmates for a meditation period or musical jam session, weekend-in-residency is an opportunity to learn, grow, and come together for all who are involved.

close up photo of michael neilio“I never know what to expect at residency because the WJC teams organizing us will continue improving our experience. We’re being trained as organizational leadership psychology scholar-practitioners and the experiential design of our learning is heavily emphasized during the in-person structured learning. Our time together on-site is a small part of our shared time together. Yet, for me, it's 100% impactful and important to be present for my learning process. I love weekend-in-residency.” —Michael Neilio

close up photo of larrisa palmer“Residency was amazing! It was good to build strong connections with students and faculty. I’m grateful for the educational experience. It was also my birthday, and I enjoyed celebrating with a supportive and caring learning community.” —Larrisa Palmer


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