Geriatric Volunteer Corps (GVC) Hosts Coleman House Visitors

Gero Volunteer Corps (GVC) Hosts Coleman House Visitors

Coleman House visitors getting a tour of our library

On October 20, 2015, enthusiastic members of the Geriatric Volunteer Corps (GVC) welcomed our neighbors from across the street, Coleman House, low-income housing for the elderly. For a few years GVC has hosted several events and we were excited to honor their request to visit William James College (WJC). President Nicholas Covino joined us to extend a warm welcome and shared our institution's plans to promote the awareness of significant issues that are impacting the aging and military population. Dr. Robert Dingman gave a captivating retelling of William James' profound impact on the psychology field and how his influential teachings has inspired our institution. Our guests were curious, amazed and delighted as they toured our institution. Matthew Kramer provided a live demonstration of our electronic database for easily accessible learning materials. The enthusiasm for learning vibrated passionately throughout this lively group. Finally, our guests left with joy in their hearts and on their faces and eager for future interactions with our WJC /GVC.

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