Meet the WJC Admissions Team

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From left to right: Patrick Quinlan, Jennifer Geuther, Julia Ogden, Kurtis Elwell, Mario Murga

Mario Murga (he/him), Director of Admissions

Mario Murga headshot

Mario has been a dedicated member of the William James Admissions Team since 2000. He currently lives in Massachusetts, but has always enjoyed intercultural understanding, learning languages, and exploring other cultures.

As you start to think about applying to college, Mario’s advice is to start early. He said, “Plan in advance and do your homework as much as you can.”

If you have admissions questions, you can reach out to to connect with Mario and the rest of our Admissions Team.

Jennifer Geuther (she/her), Associate Director of Admissions

Jennifer Geuther HeadshotJennifer joined William James in 2021 and has recently stepped into the role of our Associate Director of Admissions. She is a New England native, growing up in New Hampshire and now settling in Massachusetts. In her free time (and in the nice weather), Jennifer loves camping, hiking with her yellow lab, Mia, and spending time outdoors.

As you work on your application, Jenn’s advice is to “Know your why! When working through the application process, make sure you have a developed sense of both why you’re seeking a particular degree and why the school with this degree program will provide you with the tools necessary to achieve your long term goals.”

Schedule a 1/1 Admissions Conversation with Jenn if you’re interested in one of the following programs:

  • BS in Psychology and Human Services
  • MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
  • Graduate Certificate in Crisis Response and Behavioral Health

Kurtis Elwell (he/him), Admissions Counselor

Kurtis Elwell HeadshotKurtis has been a member of the WJC Admissions Team since 2022. After growing up in Central Massachusetts, Kurtis moved to Eastern Mass and often travels to Cape Cod during the summer. As someone who likes learning new things, Kurtis also enjoys listening to informative podcasts and tinkering with computers.

When asked his number one piece of advice for applicants, Kurtis said, “Use your own personal life experience to shape your essay and reiterate what you’re looking to gain from the program and how you will be using that to further your personal goals.”

Schedule a 1/1 Admissions Conversation with Kurtis if you’re interested in one of the following programs:

  • MA in Psychology
  • MA or Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis
  • MA/CAGS in School Psychology

Julia Ogden (she/her), Admissions Counselor

Julia Ogden HeadshotSince 2022, Julia has worked closely with our Organizational and Leadership Psychology Department as an Admissions Counselor. Julia is from Lawrence, Mass. and enjoys swimming, watching movies (her favorite being The Princess Bride), and thrift shopping.

To applicants, Julia encourages sharing your motivations for attending a William James College program. She said, “Make sure it is clear what you hope to accomplish in the program through your application, interview, and essay. What do you hope to do with the skills you will gain in the program? How will this program help you achieve your goals?”

Schedule a 1/1 Admissions Conversation with Julia if you’re interested in one of the following programs:

  • PsyD in Leadership Psychology
  • MA in Organizational Psychology
  • Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Licensure Program/Graduate Certificate in School Leadership (LLP/GCSL)

Patrick Quinlan (he/him), Admissions Counselor

Patrick Quinlan HeadshotThe newest member of our Admissions Team, Patrick, joined us in 2023 after moving from Western Massachusetts to Boston. He is the admissions counselor for our Clinical Psychology PsyD program, but outside of work, Patrick enjoys both playing and watching soccer and basketball. He also volunteers with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program and spends time taking care of his kitten, Sasha.

If you’re considering going back to school, Patrick said, “My number one piece of admissions advice for applicants is to communicate early and often. Be confident in yourself, of course, but if you ever have a question or concern about the process we are here to help!”

Schedule a 1/1 Admissions Conversation with Patrick if you’re interested in our Clinical Psychology PsyD program.


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