Student Spotlight: Nuria Martinez, PsyD in Leadership Psychology Program

Photo of Nuria Martinez with a WJC logo background

I am Nuria Martinez, a second-year student pursuing a PsyD in Leadership Psychology with a concentration in Leading Non-Profits and NGOs. In 2022, I graduated from William James College with a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with an emphasis in Health and Behavioral Medicine and a concentration in Latino Mental Health. I currently work as an outpatient therapist at The Brookline Center in Brookline, Massachusetts, where I provide clinical services to underserved populations. However, it is my goal to work in non-profit management in a role that allows me to focus on minority leadership and representation in order to affect systemic change.

As a Latina, first-generation college student, and parent, I searched for a supportive and diverse environment that would honor my experience. William James College has exceeded my expectations and has provided an exceptionally diverse and inclusive atmosphere as well as an immense amount of encouragement and crucial scholarship support.

Advocating for removing systemic barriers and serving the needs of the Latinx community is a privilege. William James College has provided me the opportunity to build upon my lived experience as a daughter to immigrant parents from El Salvador while learning clinical skills in the classroom and growing through field experience. It is my goal to work on a larger scale with non-profit organizations to lessen the gap between mental health services and underserved communities. I plan to continue to be an advocate for my clients and the Latinx population. I am grateful to William James College for allowing me to do that and more.


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