William James College represented at PRIDE 2015

William James College represented at PRIDE 2015

More than 25 members of William James College assembled to show their solidarity and support for their LGBTQ communities. They marched, waved, and hollered their way through the center of Boston along with hundreds of other organizations, coalitions and groupings of supporters and brethren. Although it was their first year as William James College, a number of onlookers recognized our group from our presence last year.

The continued presence of William James College at Pride continues our efforts to be a visible, mobile and active force in our community. We hope that Pride is merely the beginning for our next year of activities and activism. If you would like to get involved, please contact our school's LGBTQIA Student Organization, the Rainbow Alliance at rainbowalliance@williamjames.edu or craig_gimbrone@williamjames.edu. 


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