Spirituality in Daily Living

Spirituality in Daily Living

Bob Childs, PsyD, Core Faculty in the Clinical Psychology Department.

Tips for Reclaiming Some Level of Spirituality

  • Practice valuing the natural world, take a daily walk in nature. Taking some time to truly slow down and look will lead to appreciation of the natural world; it has much to teach us about life and life cycles. Discover an openness in yourself to the hidden dimensions of nature. Try to discover the transcendent world.
  • Spend some time alone, travel inward. Sit quietly, try to clarify your intentions in life and connect those intentions to your actions. Create your own sanctuary in your home or in your favorite place in nature. Visit it often. 
  • Go offline. Create space for the present. Anxiety is future oriented so learn to bring yourself back into the present through mindfulness, self-reflection or meditation. A conscious decision to commit some portion of your day offline without your phone and/or computer will help amplify your own inner experience. 
  • Seek community. Our experience of separation and aloneness often leaves us feeling alienated. Learn to listen, really listen to what others are trying to communicate; in that listening, try to find a clear and full awareness of the moment, your own experience and your connection to others. 
  • Play. Find something that feels spontaneous and effortless. We can tune into our spirits when we feel fully alive and engaged. As Martin Buber has told us, there is a spontaneous nature to the I-Thou relationship which can only be spoken with one’s whole being. 
  • Write your dreams down, find inspiration somewhere. Religion speaks to the human need to endow our lives with meaning. Spirituality speaks to the part of us that wants to seek something transcendent, to connect to something bigger. Ask yourself what is it in your life that connects you to a bigger force or a higher power and cultivate a practice of that connection. 

The good news here is that there are an abundance of ways to find a deeper connection to the world around you that can be built into your life. They don’t cost anything and through a little practice can make a huge difference in daily living.


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