Student Spotlight: Why William James College

Why William James College

Idil Baysal

Clinical Psychology Student Spotlight

Idil Baysal, a 1st year PsyD in Clinical Psychology student, always wanted to understand, "what motivates people to do things?" Having settled on a career in clinical psychology, she chose William James College because of its APA accredited PsyD program, and now says, "I'm so glad I came here." Baysal observes that the "internship opportunities in the area are wide ranging," and that the small size of the program is an advantage because it "leads to stronger relationships between faculty and students." "Our professors genuinely express concern for student progress, are understanding about life's demands outside the walls of William James, and are exceptionally enthusiastic about the subject matters they teach." Baysal likes the emphasis that William James College places on diversity, and she says, "experiential learning is very hands on through field work: I learn by doing."

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