William James College Commemorates LGBTQ Pride Month

William James College Commemorates LGBTQ Pride Month

Here is a sample of scholarly projects focused on LGBTQ topics by our students:

  • Attachment, Gender, and Conflict Management in Same-Sex and/or Gender Romantic Unions by Geneva Dellabitta-Nickerson (2018)
  • The Relationship between Ally Identity and Implicit Associations towards Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) Individuals by Nicholas Kolasinski (2017)
  • Attitudes Toward Transgender Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence by Alison Gurley (2017)
  • Understanding the Subjective Experiences that Gay and Lesbian Couples Perceive as Important in Raising their Children by Rachel Welsh Leary (2015)
  • The Influence of Gender and Couple Configuration on Division of Parenting Tasks, Parental Role Flexibility, and Sense of Competence in the Transition to Parenthood by Ember Coredini (2015)
  • An Exploration of Sexual Minority Mental Health Providers' Experiences with Client-Initiated Homophobia by Mark Furtado (2015)
  • Mental Health Professionals' Perceptions, Attitudes, and Beliefs about Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Rape Victims by Jaclyn Miller (2014)
  • The Relationship of Masculinity-Femininity, Internalized Homonegativity, and Visibility Management by Kaleigh Elizabeth Flanagan (2014)
  • Measuring the Effectiveness of a Professional Development Workshop on Awareness, Knowledge, and Skills of Mental Health Professionals in Working with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning (LGBTQ) Youth by Katie Ann McGravey (2014)
  • Integrating Patient Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Health Care: A Workshop for Primary Care Practitioners by Monica Spivey (2013)
  • Lesbian Clients' Experience of Misattunement in Therapy with Heterosexual Female Psychologists by Nicole Issa (2012)
  • The Relationship Between Workplace Sexual Identity Management and Work Satisfaction Among Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Professionals by Amy Dutton Wicker (2011)
  • Bearing the "burden of badness": A Fairbairnian Approach to the Effects of Social Stigmatization as Experienced by the Gay Male Community by Lonny Maged (2007)
  • A quantitative Study of Gay Identity Development and Social Anxiety by Michael LaFarr (2010)
  • The Effect of Parental Homo-Negativity on the Lesbian Couple by Aryela Levy (2010)
  • The Influence of Gay Sex Websites on the Sexuality Identity Development of Gay Adolescent Males: A Theoretical Exploration by Matthew Ellis (2004)  
  • Guy Gay Men in Romantic Relationship: Issues of Identity Development and Relationship Satisfaction in Gay Male Couples by Guy Klauminzer (2002)
  • The Other: Heterosexual Therapists Discuss Their Work with Gay Men in Psychodynamic Therapy by John Rosario –Pérez (1999) Encountering
  • Out in the Country: A Phenomenological Exploration of the Therapist's Experience of Small Town Practice by Elizabeth Bachtel (1996)
  • How Psychologists Work with Parents of Gays, Lesbians, and Bisexuals by Riikka Melartin (1996)
  • Gay and Lesbian Adults and their Relationship with their Gay and Lesbian Siblings by Randi Schalet (1996)
  • Intimacy and Relationship Satisfaction in Heterosexual, Gay Male and Lesbian Couples by Hilary Norton (1995)
  • Leaving the Lesbian Label Behind: Women who Change their Sexual Orientation Identity by Laura Derr (1992)
  • Barriers to Gay Fathers' Disclosure of their Gay Identity to their Children by David Giragosian (1992)
  • Gay Men and their Relationships with their Fathers: An Exploratory Study by Dayne Ripellino (1991)
  • How Women Understand Sexual Orientation - Heterosexual and Lesbian Women Speak by Judy Solman (1989)
  • Fatherhood - Exploring Gay and Straight Divorced Fathers' Perceptions by Douglas Deville (1989)
  • Co-parenting in Lesbian Families - the Effect of Parenting on the Couple by Betsy Smith (1989)
  • Lesbians Considering Parenthood by Stephanie Weissman (1988)
  • Coming Out to Parents - Parental Preferences by Judith Power (1987)
  • Inclusion - Toward a New Definition of Sexuality by Susan Fahlund (1985)

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