Neuroscience of Leadership Psychology

Neuroscience of Leadership Psychology

Embark on an interdisciplinary understanding of neuroscience and leadership

The Neuroscience of Leadership Psychology area of emphasis provides students with an interest in how neuroscience is informing leadership and organizational behavior the opportunity to examine what is known about brain functions and the nervous system and apply this to leadership and organizational contexts for a new perspective and understanding.  This is an interdisciplinary area of emphasis focusing on Leadership.

Psychology and Neuropsychology.  A specialization in the Neuroscience of Leadership prepares professionals to complete neuroscience based research to make their own contribution to the current research and to consult to organizations and leaders based on what is known about the functions of the brain and nervous system and linked behavioral responses in applicable ways to bring new and valuable insight to leaders across industries.

PsyD in Leadership Psychology

Offered as part of the PsyD in Leadership Psychology program

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Students who choose to create an Area of Emphasis (5 -7 credits) or a Concentration (8 to 12 credits) in Neuroscience of Leadership Psychology will choose from the following course options:

Students pursuing these specialties will benefit from completing fieldwork hours as well as doctoral project research within the emphasized area.

Concentration Faculty

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Erika Heilman

Dr. Erika HeilmanErika Heilman, PsyD

Director, Neuroscience of Leadership