Neuroscience of Leadership Psychology

Neuroscience of Leadership Psychology

Embark on an interdisciplinary understanding of neuroscience and leadership

The Neuroscience of Leadership Psychology concentration focuses on the intersection of neuroscience and leadership psychology. The concentration aims to equip students with a comprehensive understanding of the latest research in neuroscience and how it can be applied to organizational leadership, leadership and followership psychology, leadership development, management practices, and organizational behavior. Through the concentration, students can examine what is known about the human nervous system and brain function, change, and health as applied to constructs in organizational and leadership contexts.   

PsyD in Leadership Psychology

Offered as part of the PsyD in Leadership Psychology program

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Students in the Neuroscience of Leadership Psychology concentration (8 – 12 credits) will be required to complete a doctoral project on a topic germane to neuroscience. It is recommended that at least one of their doctoral project committee members be a faculty member who teaches classes in the concentration or a professional with substantial experience or expertise in the field. Doctoral students completing an Area of Emphasis in the Neuroscience of Leadership Psychology (5 – 7 credits) are strongly encouraged but are not required to choose a doctoral project with a neuroscience component. 

Students may enroll in their second year after completing LP764: Neurobiology of Leadership. To do so, students should download and complete the Declaration of Concentration form, return it to the Registrar, and submit a copy to the Concentration Director, Dr. Erika Heilman (


Students who choose to create an Area of Emphasis (5 -7 credits) or a Concentration (8 to 12 credits) in Neuroscience of Leadership Psychology will choose from the following course options:

Students pursuing these specialties will benefit from completing fieldwork hours as well as doctoral project research within the emphasized area.

Concentration Faculty

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Erika Heilman

Dr. Erika HeilmanErika Heilman, PsyD

Director, Neuroscience of Leadership Psychology

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