ABA Audio/Video Resources

PODCAST: Increasing Awareness of ABA in the Community and Dispelling Common Myths

Dr. Ronald Lee, ABA Program Director of William James College, sat down with President Nicholas Covino, host of Conversations with William James College. Listen here:

ABA Student Video:

Our ABA students discuss why they chose to become a BCBA, why William James College and their career aspirations.  Watch our 5-minute video: 

Program Webinar:

1-hour program webinar focuses on the ABA field, careers, academic program and experiential learning. Watch our ABA Program Webinar:

New England Psychological Association (NEPA) Conference Presentation

Dr. Ronald Lee discusses careers for Applied Behavior Analysis. The NEPA conference was hosted at William James College in November 2017. Watch the 8-minute presentation:

Video: Where Therapy Meets Need- 

Watch our 1-minute video and you will be quicklyintroduced to the field of Applied Behavior Analysis and William James College.

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Dr. Lee Addresses ABA Misconceptions

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