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    Less than 2% of the nation’s psychologists are trained to deliver language and culturally competent mental health care to Spanish speaking people.

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Sophie and Norbett Mintz Scholarship

Norbett "Norby" Mintz is a psychologist and one of the founders of William James College who established this scholarship as a memorial to his departed wife and to support the education of William James College students.  A letter from William James College President, Dr. Bruce Weiss in 1991 states, "Norby's record of devotion to the School is perhaps unequalled. Indeed, he has served William James College in many ways – as one of the educators whose vision helped create the School, then as a leader on our faculty, and, of course, as an unselfish philanthropist in connection with his family and others.  He has been one of William James College's most effective advocates in our professional community and good-will ambassadors in the larger community."


How to Finance Your Education

How to Finance Your Education, Piggy bank on books