College Mental Health Initiative

Advancing College Mental Health

In the heart of every university lies a profound commitment to shaping not only the minds, but the entire well-being of each student. We understand the challenges that colleges and universities face in supporting student mental health. The rising surge in students seeking mental health services, coupled with the unprecedented demands brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, has cast a glaring spotlight on the issue of mental health within our universities. What started as a conversation more than a decade ago has now reached a pivotal moment.

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Empowering Higher Education in New England: Transformative Mental Health Programs

At the core of our mission is the empowerment of higher education institutions across New England through the implementation of innovative and proactive mental health programs, firmly grounded in a public health model. We strive to equip universities with the essential knowledge, skills, and resources needed to navigate the intricate landscape of student mental health successfully.

We take a proactive stance in enhancing the capabilities of faculty and staff, enabling them to become proactive, compassionate, and well-informed first responders to students grappling with mental health challenges. By fostering a culture of awareness and preparedness, we aim to create an environment where every member of the university community is equipped to contribute to the well-being of students.

Together, we can unlock the potential of every student and create a brighter future for higher education.

Transformative Mental Health Solutions Tailored for Higher Education

Our work begins with paying attention to the unique needs of universities in offering mental health support to their students. We feel that not all mental health support needs to come from a therapist. Recognizing the meaningful connections students build with their faculty and staff, we are dedicated to providing evidence-based mental health education programs designed specifically for faculty and staff. Our mental health trainings, along with the Ruderman Faculty Fellowship program, are developed to foster well-being, resilience and academic success among students navigating mental health challenges.

Our Offerings:

Tailored Mental Health Training Programs: Our mental health trainings are meticulously designed for faculty and staff, ensuring a targeted and impactful learning experience.

Ruderman Faculty Fellowship Program: A pioneering initiative aimed at establishing a robust foundation of knowledge, skills, and dedication among staff and faculty to effectively support student mental health.

Ideal for Institutions Seeking:

  • Specialized focus: Our effective training is tailored explicitly for higher education faculty and staff, ensuring a targeted and impactful learning experience.
  • Longer-term knowledge and enduring supportive skills: Our programs focus on enhancing the emotional awareness and regulation of helpers, leading to more effective and empathetic support efforts.
  • Holistic mental health support: We stand out by enhancing competencies beyond narrow suicide prevention efforts, providing comprehensive emotional support.
  • Tailored collaboration: Our strong collaborative approach ensures that training is seamlessly customized to align with the unique cultural context and diverse makeup of each participating institution.

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Mental Health Training Programs

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Ruderman Fellowship Program

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We welcome the opportunity to work with your college or university. Please connect with us to learn more about our trainings and fellowship program.

Our Staff

Mēgan Kersting, LMHC, PsyD, Director of Young Adult and College Behavioral Health Initiatives at William James College

Mēgan has dedicated an extensive portion of her career to working in college counseling centers, where she most recently served for over a decade as the Director of the Center for Counseling and Personal Growth at Clark University. During her tenure, she developed and implemented innovative programs designed to enhance students’ access to high-quality mental health care, institute comprehensive university-wide community education initiatives, cultivate student groups dedicated to promoting mental health awareness and advocacy, and establish a training program tailored for graduate psychology interns. Her professional interests focus on the role of emotions and emotional intelligence in learning and relationships, as well as college student development, and the cultivation of authentic leadership practices. Mēgan received her undergraduate degree from Bowdoin College, a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Boston College, and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from William James College.

News Highlights

William James College Unveils College Mental Health Initiative and Examines its Origin

The College Mental Health Initiative (CMHI) came on the heels of increased demand for mental health services across the country, and reaching an all-time high in the Commonwealth. The CMHI responds to the need to deliver care using the resources available; namely, training educators in how to address student mental health and well-being by cultivating connection and belonging rather than relying upon an outdated clinical model.
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College Mental Health Initiative Launched at William James College

WJC’s collaboration with the Ruderman Family Foundation, an internationally recognized organization that works to end the stigma associated with mental health and aims to increase awareness of—and the availability of—mental health services on college campuses, will create opportunities to engage a community of faculty and student-facing staff across New England geared towards promoting safe, positive, and equitable campus cultures.
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