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Collaborating in the Field: Doubling Down on Education About the Co-Response Model

Collaborating in the Field: Doubling Down on Education About the Co-Response Model

In one way or another, Sarah E. Abbott, PhD, Director of the Center for Crisis Response and Behavioral Health, has spent the majority of her career at the intersection of individuals experiencing a mental health crisis and the community at large. Her first exposure to work in America (after earning her BA at home, in England) came via recruitment by a nonprofit agency in central Massachusetts where Abbott spent several nights each week in a residential group home for individuals ages 18-25 with a mental health condition. While there, she witnessed first-hand the challenges associated when police responded to calls—which didn’t always go well.

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Clinical PsyD Alum, Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor, Dr. Patrick Downes Talks with “Home Base Nation” Podcast

Clinical PsyD Alum, Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor, Dr. Patrick Downes discussed his experiences in recovery, dealing with trauma, and his work with service members with “Home Base Nation” Podcast

Building a Center of Gravity in Multicultural Education: Dr. Natalie Cort Presents University of Rochester Psychiatry Department Grand Rounds

Dr. Natalie Cort, Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology, recently presented at her alma mater, the University of Rochester (UR). Her presentation "If You Build It, They Will Come: Building a Center of Gravity in Multicultural Education Through Transformative and Inclusive Practices," detailed the...

College and University Leaders Convene in Washington, D.C., to Discuss College Student Mental Health Crisis

Experts on college student behavioral health and its determinants, and on diversity, equity, and inclusion, including William James College President Dr. Nicholas Covino, led roundtable discussions about transforming campus environments to promote wellbeing for all students in Washington, D.C., on March...

Boston25: Even as pandemic fades, concerns OCD behaviors will remain prevalent

Dr. Julie Ryan spoke with Boston25 about pandemic related behaviors and OCD

GBH: Lexington Shooting Revives Calls for Mental Health Co-Response Models

Dr. Sarah Abbott, director of the William James College Center for Crisis Response and Behavioral Healh and associate professor of Clinical Psychology, spoke with GBH News about co-responder programs that pair mental health professionals with law enforcement officers to respond to calls where interventions...

WCVB Channel 5's Maria Stephanos Discusses Isolation, Pandemic Mental Health Impacts, with President Nicholas Covino

WCVB Boston Channel 5's Maria Stephanos spoke with William James College President Nicholas Covino about what it's going to take to rebuild our communities and social structures following the prolonged period of isolation caused by the pandemic.

Boston25: Peace Corps Inspired Program Encourages Young People to Pursue Mental Health Careers

Whitney Enobakhare, Marc Abelard, and Dr. Gemima St. Louis, spoke to Fox 25 about the Behavioral Health Service Corp, a workforce initiative designed to attract new and emerging talent to work in behavioral healthcare, and provide supportive pathways.

Toward Healing: Report Finds Gaps in Pandemic Services Available to AAPI Communities

Asian American and Pacific Island (AAPI) communities were particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 exposure and its causes, and had a harder time accessing care during the pandemic. A recent story published through The Boston University Statehouse Program highlighted a new report that showcased these vulnerab...

Boston 25 News Report: With Young People Hit Hard by the Pandemic, More College Students are Interested in Studying Mental Health

Before the pandemic, approximately 1 in 5 people in the United States, or around 18 to 20 percent of the population, reported anxiety, depression, substance abuse, or trauma.


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