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Collaborating in the Field: Doubling Down on Education About the Co-Response Model

Collaborating in the Field: Doubling Down on Education About the Co-Response Model

In one way or another, Sarah E. Abbott, PhD, Director of the Center for Crisis Response and Behavioral Health, has spent the majority of her career at the intersection of individuals experiencing a mental health crisis and the community at large. Her first exposure to work in America (after earning her BA at home, in England) came via recruitment by a nonprofit agency in central Massachusetts where Abbott spent several nights each week in a residential group home for individuals ages 18-25 with a mental health condition. While there, she witnessed first-hand the challenges associated when police responded to calls—which didn’t always go well.

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Boston Herald: Recovery from physical trauma requires coping, adapting

Dr. Nicholas Covino, president of William James College and former director of psychology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, spoke with the Boston Herald for a story about recovery and readjustment to life following a sudden, potentially life-altering accident.

William James College Receives $690K Grant from Boston Children’s Collaboration for Community Health to Lead Innovative Behavioral Health Workforce Development Program

Child & Adolescent Mental Health Initiative (CAMHI) will expand and diversify the behavioral health workforce serving children, adolescents and families

The question everyone’s asking about the parents in ‘Leaving Neverland’

Professor Jessica Greenwald O’Brien speaks with the Washington Post

Defining independence in autism education and treatment

Independence is a major focus of educational and treatment approaches for people with Autisum Spectrum Disorder, so it can be easy to assume its “definition”

Colonel John M. Rodolico Awarded William James College Mental Health Leadership Award

COL. Rodolico, advocate for military mental health, to be recognized at March 6 ceremony for outstanding leadership in service of military personnel, families, and veterans.

William James College Featured in Report from National Commission on Social, Emotional, and Academic Development

National Report Spotlights William James College, graduate certificate in school climate and social and emotional learning

New William James College and Riverside Community Care Partnership Will Help Meet Community’s Growing Need for Behavioral Health Professionals

NEWTON, MA, (November 7, 2018) – William James College and Riverside Community Care have announced a partnership which will increase collaboration between

Netflix Show Makes Character a William James College, CFAR Graduate

The Netflix Original Series The Haunting of Hill House, which premiered on October 12, has quickly become one of the most talked about shows of the season – and it has a William James College connection.

Redefining the Aftermath of Suicide

Suicide survivors deserve a voice—and more access to resources.

How well can a person remember things that happened more than 30 years ago?

Dr. Aladdin Ossorio, William James College alum and founder and coordinator of our SageMind Program, spoke with The Boston Globe for an article exploring a central question in the Brett Kavanaugh controversy: How well can a person remember things that happened more than 30 years ago?


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