William James College Recognized Among Schools with Lowest Default Rate Nationwide

William James College Recognized For One of the Lowest Default Rates in the Country

William James College has been recognized in an annual report compiled by LendEDU for having one of the lowest default rates in the country.

The Cohort Default Rate (CDR), according to the Department of Education (DoE), is the percentage of borrowers from a school who default after three years. A low default rate is an indicator that graduates of a school are able to repay their loans, thanks to factors such as employment post-graduation or lower levels of debt after leaving school.

Using data from the DoE, LendEDU lists the default rates for nearly 4,500 colleges across the United States. According to LendEDU and the DoE data, the default rate at William James College was 1.7 percent. The national default rate was 10.1 percent. The College's default rate ranked William James as #19 in Massachusetts, and #337 in the entire country.

In an email, LendEDU research analyst Michael Brown wrote that the default rate at William James College placed the College in the 90th percentile, adding that, with the recognition, the College is now "known for creating an environment where the burden of student loan debt repayment is much less than at almost every other campus in the country."

Current data reflects default rates for the 2016 fiscal year and was released by the DoE on September 23, 2019.


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