Connecting with Military Families: An Insider's View

(Photo: U.S. Army/David Vergun.

A military family walking together.

For clinicians who connect with military families or individuals, there are ways to create more successful dynamics that respect the client's experience. Jacqueline Gagliardi, MEd, interviewed fellow William James College faculty member Dr. Jenny D'Olympia,  for an article in The New England Journal for Relational and Systemic Practice exploring this topic. 

Gagliardi is a senior instructor in Counseling and Behavioral Health and director of the College's Couple and Family Therapy Concentration. Dr. D'Olympia is an Air Force Veteran and military spouse, and she is the director of the College's Military and Veterans Psychology Concentration and the Train Vets to Treat Vets Program. The interview, "Connecting with Military Families: An Insider's View,"  is available via the journal's website. 


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