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How to Ask for a Letter of Recommendation

Applying to graduate school can be intimidating, but your letters of recommendation don't have to be. Here are some tips for asking someone to write a recommendation on your behalf.

William James College Class of 2022 Honored at 42nd Commencement Event

For the 193 students who navigated the unprecedented challenges of pursuing their degrees during a pandemic, coming together for the College’s 42nd Commencement event was not merely a celebration of their accomplishments but proof of their collective resilience.

Strength of New Partnership Between Middlesex Community College, William James College, Already Known to WJC Graduate

Dr. Jennifer Burns started her journey in psychology as a student at Middlesex Community College (MCC), later attending UMass Lowell, then William James College where she earned her doctorate in Leadership Psychology. Burns spoke at a recent event convened to mark the signing of a new transfer partnership...

Talking with Children About School Violence, Advice from School Psychology Professors

In the wake of a school shooting, children look to adults for support, guidance, understanding, and safety. Their questions often come as parents, teachers, and other influential adults are also processing their own grief, fear, and sadness. School Psychology faculty members Drs. Barbara Miller and Jason...

Joseph D. Feaster, Jr., Esq., Announced as 2022 Commencement Speaker

Joseph D. Feaster, Jr., Esq. is the 2022 Commencement Speaker. Feaster, MA Senate President Karen Spilka, and Photojournalist Mike Carroll will each receive an Honorary Degree from the College recognizing contributions to Mental Health Field.

Triple Threat: Ta-Cha Addis, PsyD, is First to Graduate from Three William James College Organizational and Leadership Psychology Programs

Ta-Cha Addis earned her Master of Arts in Organizational Psychology degree in 2016, her Leadership Psychology PsyD in 2020, and most recently, earned her Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching this year, making her the first student to graduate from three Organizational and Leadership Psychology...

William James College Awarded $750,000 Grant by Boston Children’s Collaboration for Community Health

William James College Awarded $750,000 Grant by Boston Children’s Collaboration for Community Health for a new phase of its Child and Adolescent Mental Health Initiative (CAMHI) program

William James Students and Faculty Again Travel to In-Person Conferences

Two years after the pandemic, William James students and faculty recently traveled to two in-person conferences: the American Psychology-Law Society conference in Denver and the National Association of School Psychologists convention in Boston.

Alumna’s Marathon Effort Raises More Than $3,000 For Student Scholarships

Dr. Veronica Steller represented William James College at the 2022 Boston Marathon, raising over $3,000 for student scholarships through the new Lucero Fund.


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