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We welcome your application to the William James College MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling program. We enroll a cohort of new students into the Counseling online program each fall and spring. A strong applicant is one who has demonstrated excellence in their academic preparation, dedication to their personal and professional development, and commitment to community service. Be sure to make a note of application deadlines and requirements. We encourage you to attend upcoming information sessions, connect with student ambassadors, and to sign up for a virtual meeting or phone conversation with our Admissions Counselor, Jennifer Geuther, to learn more about the admission process.

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Transfer of Credit: MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (Online)

Up to 12 credits of highly equivalent graduate coursework may be transferred in and credited towards program requirements. The determination of coursework equivalence is made by the program director in consultation with faculty members. Transfer credit applies to classroom coursework only; in keeping with our institutional philosophy that coursework and field work should be integrated, there is no transfer credit for previous fieldwork experience.

Generally speaking, there are three circumstances under which requests to transfer credits will be considered:

  • The student wishes to transfer graduate-level courses taken previously at another institution that are deemed to be the equivalent of courses taught in the Master's Program at William James College.
  • The student wishes to transfer courses taken previously at William James College as a non-matriculated student.
  • The student wishes to transfer courses taken at another institution while the student was matriculated in the Program at William James College (this will ordinarily be restricted to electives and with previous authorization by the Department Chair).

All requests for transfer of credits must be reviewed and approved by the Department Chair and Registrar. Before such requests are granted, students will be asked to provide documentation that the courses they completed elsewhere are the equivalent of those offered at William James College. Such documentation may include (but may not be limited to) course syllabi, transcripts, and letters from instructors. It will be the responsibility of the individual student to provide such materials as requested.

You may submit the following form for each course you wish to have considered for transfer only if/when you have been offered admission to the program.

Although the primary goal is to prepare master's level counselors, this program will also provide students with some of the necessary foundations for pursuing further graduate study, including the doctoral programs at William James College. Clinical Mental Health Counseling MA program graduates may be eligible for Advanced Standing in Clinical Psychology PsyD Program. Click here to see Advanced Standing and Transfer of Credit policy