Register for SageMind

Welcome to SageMind!

To Register, please contact us directly at 617-564-9475, or write us at Please indicate the best time and method for contacting you. Our team will be in touch within two business days.

Program Pricing and Insurance Options

SageMind is subsidized by William James College, allowing us to bring program costs down to the lowest point possible. For example, a comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation, which is simply one component of the SageMind Program, typically costs between $3,000 and $4,500 at Boston area hospitals and clinics.

SageMind pricing will vary based on payment method and insurance options. Most SageMind customers should expect to pay somewhere between $500 and $2,250 out of pocket.

To understand precisely what your cost would be, please contact SageMind directly at 617-564-9475, or write us at If you write, please let us know what insurance you currently have.

After I register, what should I expect?

The SageMind team will contact you and provide you with all program details within two business days of your registration.

Following registration, you will be:

1. Completing your mind-brain-body evaluation

This will entail filling out various assessments, thinking about and articulating your values and future goals, and compiling past medical records. You may do this at your convenience in your home, or in our offices at William James College, whichever is most convenient.

2. Coming to the Brenner Center at William James College at least twice

Your first visit will include your comprehensive neurocognitive assessment. This is an extensive neuropsychological, neurological, and psychological assessment and you should plan on scheduling one full day for this visit. Note that you can break this up onto two half-days if that is more convenient. Weekend dates may be available; please inquire.

Your second visit to the Brenner Center will include a walk-through of your Individualized Action Plan. We will outline your plan, explain the science behind it, and help you understand how to successfully achieve it. You will receive a paper or electronic copy of your plan, your measures of success, and a list of SageMind affiliated health-care professionals who can assist in your success, should you need them.

If I have concerns down the road, will SageMind still be available for me?

We are with you as you age!

William James College boasts a 40 plus year presence in the greater Boston area and we have no plans to leave.

SageMind's Re:Mind on-going cognitive monitoring program will keep your individual action plan current based on the latest science on aging. Moreover, Re:Mind checkups are specifically designed to objectively identify any changes in your thinking, memory, or social-emotional health as you age, and to provide you with science-based interventions to help you manage any unwanted changes you may be experiencing.