Bringing Research Tools and Processes Directly to You

Program Details

SageMind is a Four-Step mind-brain-body risk identification, intervention, and optimization program comprised of the following:

  1. Your integrated mind-brain-body health evaluation
  2. Your comprehensive neurocognitive assessment
  3. Your Individualized Action Plan
  4. Re:Mind on-going Cognitive Optimization

Your Mind-Brain-Body Health Assessment

Your Mind-Brain-Body health assessment is a thorough exploration of your past and present neurocognitive and physical well being, your family history, your medical history, and your hopes and concerns for the future.  Here, you will be documenting your current health, thinking forward about long-term goals, and compiling medical information/records from your current health providers.

Your Comprehensive Neurocognitive Assessment

Your SageMind neurocognitive assessment brings you to our offices at William James College where you participate in our state-of-the-art neurocognitive assessment. Here, we establish your "neurocognitive fingerprint" - an objective assessment of your neuropsychological strengths and styles across a vast range of cognitive, neurological, and psychological measures.

With this assessment, you now have a scientifically established baseline of your unique, cognitive health. You can then use this baseline to objectively understand any changes you experience as you age. This is a cutting-edge service previously available primarily in clinical research settings.

Some of the most confounding questions adults have as they age are these: Has my memory changed? Is my thinking as effective as it used to be? With your neurocognitive assessment, you can definitively answer these questions. And, more importantly, our team determines a specific set of research-based actions that you can take to help mitigate any unwanted changes you may be experiencing.

Your Individually-Tailored Action Plan

Following your Neurocognitive Assessment, the SageMind team compiles all of your mind, brain, and body information together to create a comprehensive single profile for you.

Leveraging the most current science on aging, the team next develops a unique, individually tailored, Action Plan for each participant.

The Action Plan has two primary goals:

  1. To identify specific threats to your cognitive health as you age and to develop scientifically validated actions you can take to mitigate these threats.
  2. To develop a scientifically-grounded optimization plan focused on sustaining and enhancing your cognitive health as you age.

Re-Mind Cognitive Optimization

Curious or concerned that your memory, reasoning, or other abilities are changing as you age? No worries: Re:Mind answers your questions. Re:Mind includes two unique components:

1) Re:Mind Checkups

With Re:Mind Checkups, you return to William James College for targeted re-evaluations of your neuropsychological profile. Here, we will pinpoint any changes in memory, reasoning, thinking, mood, or behavior that you may be experiencing and determine the probable causes of these changes.

Most importantly, we will recommend an individualized set of actions for you that current research has shown can potentially mitigate unwanted changes in thinking and memory.

2) Re:Mind Action Plan Monitoring

SageMind clients understand that the science of health does not deal in absolute certainties, but rather in the ongoing accumulation of increasingly accurate information.

Our SageMind staff rigorously reviews emerging science on memory, reasoning, aging, and health. When scientifically prudent, we will update our clients with suggested changes to their Action Plans based on new research or theory.

In short, Re:Mind offers our clients scientifically established methods to monitor and mitigate cognitive changes during aging. To our knowledge, nothing like Re:Mind is available from any academic or medical institution across New England. In fact, that is why we developed it.