Groundbreaking Research on Aging

Research on Aging

Consider some great news about thinking, memory, and aging that you may have missed:

In 2014, researchers at the UCLA/Mary Easton Center in Los Angeles reversed memory loss in 9 of 10 people who were already suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease and similar disorders. They did so using an individually-tailored mind-brain-body (MBB) health intervention.

In 2015, also using a Mind-Brain-Body (MBB) program, researchers in Finland significantly improved performance in various types of reasoning and memory in adults who were at high-risk for cognitive decline and, potentially, dementia.

In fact, over 70 research studies supporting mind-brain-body interventions have been published since 2013! And that’s not all: a growing body of research similarly suggests that mind-brain-body interventions can sustain or enhance thinking and memory in currently healthy, aging adults.

In short, we believe that the science is worth acting on: comprehensive, individually tailored Mind-Brain-Body health programs can help sustain and potentially even enhance both memory and reasoning as we age.

SageMind’s goal is to bring this cutting edge science out of the laboratory and make it publicly available to you.