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Standing Up to Jewish Hate: Rabbi Ron Fish Engages WJC Community in an Essential Conversation about Antisemitism

Standing Up to Jewish Hate: Rabbi Ron Fish Engages WJC Community in an Essential Conversation about Antisemitism

While the prevalence of antisemitism on college campuses across the country has snapped into sharp focus in recent months, it’s an issue that’s been present for far longer. In an effort to place education about and understanding of Jewish life and culture at the forefront of this essential dialogue, members of the William James College community convened on Thursday, January 25 to welcome Rabbi Ron Fish to campus for a community conversation hinging on the history of antisemitism and the complexity of dealing with it on college campuses. More than 50 faculty, staff, and students attended Lunch & Learn: Understanding Antisemitism Today and Yesterday, which was co-sponsored by the Jewish Student Alliance and Dean of Students office.

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The language written into Michelle Harris’ bold paintings is unfamiliar. So is the name of the Native American tribe in central California from which she descends. But the power of her attachment, the strength of her connection and the emotional tug of her Coast Miwok people are clear. She’s a member....


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