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Alum Spotlight: Five Questions with a Health Psychologist

Alum Spotlight: Five Questions with a Health Psychologist

Five questions with 2017 alum Amy Clara, about her post-doctoral fellowship as a psychologist in a primary care health office.

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Talking with Children About School Violence, Advice from School Psychology Professors

In the wake of a school shooting, children look to adults for support, guidance, understanding, and safety. Their questions often come as parents, teachers, and other influential adults are also processing their own grief, fear, and sadness. School Psychology faculty members Drs. Barbara Miller and Jason...

Military and Veterans Psychology Program Lecture Series Reaches Thousands Across the Country, Aims to Reach More Through Publicly Available Recordings

A ten-part lecture series presented over the past year by the Military and Veterans Psychology Program provided continuing education opportunities to over 1,000 mental health professionals, and will continue to be available via recordings posted to YouTube.

Triple Threat: Ta-Cha Addis, PsyD, is First to Graduate from Three William James College Organizational and Leadership Psychology Programs

Ta-Cha Addis earned her Master of Arts in Organizational Psychology degree in 2016, her Leadership Psychology PsyD in 2020, and most recently, earned her Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching this year, making her the first student to graduate from three Organizational and Leadership Psychology...

OLP Student Instructs Microaggression Workshops for WJC Faculty

Tonya Echols brought her professional and personal experiences to a workshop on microaggressions in collaboration with the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

What's Going on With the Windows?

With classes back in-session on campus, those who have returned to the building these past few weeks may have noticed something different about the exterior – namely, that one room in one corner of the building on the second floor looks to be missing its windows. Those windows are missing, but for...


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