Doctoral Project

Completing Your Doctoral Project

The doctoral project (DP) is an integral part of the William James College School Psychology PsyD Program. The DP process promotes the development of previously established research competencies, as well as the integration of coursework and practice applications. It also provides an opportunity to connect the student's professional development with the larger school psychology community.

The basic expectation for the doctoral project is that it constitutes a substantial body of work that makes a unique contribution to the evidence-based practice of school psychology. With guidance from a faculty chairperson and invited committee members, students conduct a thorough literature review; formulate and implement an ethically and methodologically sound research design; and analyze, interpret, and report findings, conclusions, and implications for practice. Acceptable types of projects are as follows:

  1. Intervention Project
  2. Program Evaluation
  3. Demonstration Project (program, service development)
  4. Survey Project
  5. Measure, Test, Product Development Project
  6. Meta-Analysis
  7. Investigation of a Phenomenon or Problem

For additional information regarding the Doctoral Project, please consult the Doctoral Project Manual.