Field Education

Supervised Practicum and Doctoral Internship Training Experience

Integration of field experience and classroom instruction is a cornerstone of William James College and School Psychology PsyD Program.

The field experiences at the MA/CAGS level include a 300-hour first year practicum at the elementary school level and a 500-hour second year practicum at the secondary school level. The 66-credit MA/CAGS sequence concludes with a full-time 1,200 hour specialist-level internship in the third year, which may be completed in a school setting or a combination of a school and clinical-setting.

At the PsyD level, students complete two practica before undertaking the doctoral internship. During Year 1 of the PsyD level, students complete a practicum in Advanced Assessment, supported by the practicum seminar sequence. During Year 2 or 3 of PsyD level, students complete a year-long doctoral practicum in clinical services practicum at one of various field sites and enroll in the concurrent practicum seminar sequence. Students have the option of completing a second year-long Advanced Clinical Services practicum prior to for the doctoral internship. The culminating field experience is a doctoral internship of 1,600 or more hours.