Alliance for Aging

The Alliance for Aging

The Alliance for Aging was established to help adults age wisely and well. We invite you to learn who we are, what we do, and how we are improving the quality of life for aging adults.

We Are Geropsychologists

Aging is a universal human experience. Today, we are living longer and with less illness than at any time in human history. Older adults now have opportunities never before available. We often become more content as we age, developing greater perspective and equanimity. But age also brings change and loss: how we embrace change will define the character of our later adulthood. Helping older adults to thrive as they age is the job of the geropsychologist.

Geropsychologists are educators, researchers and clinicians. We study the behavioral, medical, social, and environmental factors that inform people’s lives as they age. We teach, practice, train and mentor. We advocate for older adults in the community, and we are a leading voice in local and national conversations about policy and practice related to aging.

Meet the Alliance for Aging

The Alliance for Aging represents a wide range of connections and collaborations across William James College faculty and numerous local and regional institutions and centers.

Training The Next Generation of Geropsychologists

The Geropsychology Concentration at William James College is a nationally recognized doctoral-level training program integrating rigorous scholarship with extensive clinical experience.

Led by Dr. Erlene Rosowsky, William James College alumni are emerging as leaders, bringing essential services to aging adults in Veterans Administration hospitals across the country as well as in local and national hospital systems and clinics.

The Heart of our Work: Geropsychology Doctoral Students and the Gero Volunteer Corps (GVC)

The GVC is a student group committed to fostering cross-generational dialogue by hosting spirited events where students actively engage with older adults.

Pragmatic Research at The Alliance for Aging

Our research aims to address the critical needs of aging adults. Current research projects include technology-based treatments for home-bound older adults; coping with late-life grief and loss; the role of personality in optimal aging; the application of positive psychology to promote behavior change; and person-centered dementia evaluation.

Dr. Erlene Rosowsky is an internationally recognized leader in research and academics who has dedicated her career to clinical geropsychology. Dr. Rosowsky is the founding director and coordinator of the Alliance for Aging.

Dr. Erlene Rosowsky
Innovative Services


We are no longer powerless over our cognitive health as we age. SageMind is a state-of-the art cognitive health program designed to sustain and enhance memory and thinking as we age. Serving middle-aged and older adults, SageMind is based on the latest neurological, physical, and cognitive health research. We bring 21st century science into a focused program for optimizing memory and thinking.

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Service and Advocacy

The Alliance for Aging aims to move communities towards age-friendly policy and practice. Together, we are meeting the needs of older adults and making a difference in our communities. Alliance for Aging faculty and students host conferences, train multidisciplinary professionals, and engage with local and national media and legislators. We promote the interests of older adults, with special attention to the underserved.

The Brenner Memory Center

The Brenner Memory Center provides evaluation for older adults worried about changes in memory or thinking. As geropsychologists, our work is grounded in the best medical practices, but we are not restricted to understanding people in terms of disease. We draw on innovations from our SageMind program to maximize well-being,
even for those who are already experiencing declines.

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Get Involved

How do we foster a new and productive era for our growing population of aging adults? Through research, education, training, services—and your support

Please consider these areas of need:

Advance Awareness

Make your voice heard: help develop professional education and conferences on issues central to your concerns and interests.

Fund Research

We are hands-on academics—we listen, respond, and advance research on critical issues and unmet needs. 

Expand SageMind

Many of our lives have been touched by family and friends who are struggling with dementia. We can change that. Help extend SageMind to more individuals and families in need.

Support geropsychology students

Fund a scholarship, or support student research and participation at scientific conferences. Help us develop the next generation of geropsychology leaders.

Advocate for Older Adults

Whatever your position, wherever you are—older adults continue to be underrepresented in critical social and political arenas. Reach out: together, we can help develop an advocacy program for older adults.

For information about how you can get involved, contact

Learn about our Green Mountain Scholarship for students entering the Clinical Psychology doctoral program and the Geropsychology concentration. Read more.

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