Learning Disorders

Learning Disability Assessments

The Brenner Center provides expert educational and psychological assessment of children, adolescents, and adult students for the purpose of diagnosing learning problems/attentional issues and recommending interventions and accommodations. We provide jargon-free written reports that are used by parents, educators, public and private schools, colleges, and others in caregiving or professional roles. The evaluations are completed by doctoral level school psychology students under the supervision of a licensed psychologist with recognized expertise in school psychology and assessment. Evaluations can include cognitive assessment, academic assessment, social-emotional assessment, and relevant neuropsychological measures to identify learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, or social-emotional factors that may require intervention or accommodations in the school setting. There is an ever-expanding pool of requests for psychological, psychoeducational, and/or neuropsychological evaluation of children and young adults. Several reasons include: 

  1. The growing requirement of private, independent schools for such testing as part of their admission process 
  2. The increasing demand for "accommodations" in testing (SAT and ACE) (such as extra time, etc.) if there is an eligible learning disability
  3. The increase in the training and awareness of educators and education administrators regarding the spectrum of learning difficulties, behaviors manifested, and importance of accurate diagnosis relating to children exhibiting problems in school 
  4. The requirement of many private schools for a basic IQ test (the Wechsler) prior to admission
  5. The need for assessments for determinations of "gifted" students and "twice-exceptional" students
  6. The need for assessments to understand either the capacities or the challenges of students who are clearly not SPED-eligible students
  7. To inform curriculum choices based upon aptitude and learning style
  8. Parents’ desire for a second opinion
  9. Parents’ desire to understand the challenges their child faced during remote learning
  10. The need to determine the affect of COVID on a students’ academic and social skills

Students with disabilities or suspected disabilities may require accommodations (e.g., extra time or special conditions for test-taking, note-taking in classes) to demonstrate their actual capabilities on standardized tests or to take full advantage of college or other post-secondary learning opportunities. Our reports can help students obtain the accommodations they need.

Following the completion of our report, we are also available to attend IEP meetings, consult with teachers, caregivers, admissions officers, or therapists for a reasonable fee. 

Payment and Fees

We accept the state fee for school-funded reports.

Our private pay rate for a comprehensive psycho-educational evaluation is $3,500. We can provide an itemized invoice documenting your payment for you to submit to your insurance if you wish to seek reimbursement from your insurer; however, if you choose to pay privately, please know that you cannot be reimbursed by a plan that we otherwise accept.

Although insurance does not pay for academic testing, it can be added to an insurance-funded neuropsychological report for $1,000. We accept the following insurance plans.

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Beacon: Fallon Health, BMC Healthnet, Neighborhood Health Plan
  • Tufts Health Together
  • Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership (MBHP)

We charge $200 per hour for additional consultations following the completion of the report and feedback session.

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