Adult Assessments

Individualized Adult Assessments

The Brenner Center at William James College offers a full range of adult assessment services individualized to your needs. Our diverse range of experts in neurocognitive assessment ensures that our programs represent state-of-the-art technologies and the very best practices available today. Adults interested in understanding their neurocognitive strengths, styles, and challenges are encouraged to explore our assessment options.

For adults concerned that they are not reaching their potential, the Individualized Adult Assessment can help identify your strengths and challenges and the relationship between your specific cognitive, vocational, relational, and educational experience.

Individualized Adult Assessments offer clarity to adults who have questions about their neurocognitive strengths and challenges—what am I good at and where do I shine? Where are my areas of growth and challenge? How might I align my abilities with my career and financial aspirations? The Brenner Center at William James College offers an Individualized Assessment Program to address these questions, working with you and your healthcare provider to address precisely the questions you seek concerning your abilities, capabilities, and current functioning. We will help you understand who you are and what your strengths are.

In addition, if you are struggling with emotional, relational, or other issues and would like to better understand these difficulties, obtain diagnostic clarification, or determine if you would benefit from accommodations, the Brenner Center can help. We also offer individualized test batteries to help identify areas of struggle and provide treatment recommendations.

Our assessments are designed to address a variety of questions and concerns that lead adults to seek out an evaluation including:

  • Updated assessments of existing conditions following one's 18th birthday
  • Guardianship matters
  • Assistance with transitional planning for young adults
  • Questions about depression, anxiety, and other mood or thought disorders that may be impacting functioning and would benefit from specific treatment recommendations
  • Questions about whether they would qualify for accomodations when considering going back to school
  • Questions about ADHD due to ongoing struggles with relationships, social demands, social perception, feeling overwhelmed, meltdowns, and/or rigidity
  • Questions about whether you meet criteria for a condition your child was recently diagnosed with

Payment Options

Our specialized neuropsychological evaluations are offered in two ways: on a self-pay basis or through the following insurance plans:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Beacon: Fallon Health, BMC Healthnet, Neighborhood Health Plan
  • Tufts Health Together
  • Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership (MBHP)

Our self-pay fee for a comprehensive evaluation and report (with feedback session for parents) is $3,500. We can provide an itemized invoice documenting your payment for you to submit to your insurance if you wish to seek reimbursement from your insurer; however, if you choose to pay privately, please know that you cannot be reimbursed by a plan that we otherwise accept.

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